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Northern Lights

18th March 2014

A member of the Young People’s Team (from Thailand) at Blairmore House writes...
"I planned to go to Norway & Svalbard a few months ago to see the Northern Lights but I had to go to Edinburgh to apply for a Visa. I prepared all of the information that they needed but when I was there, they told me to book everything (flight ticket, hotel, tour) before apply for this Visa.  So, sadly, I came back to Blairmore House. I didn't apply for it again, thinking, "I can apply from Bangkok later."
But now I've seen a wonderful display of the Northern Lights, right here at Blairmore.  This is the best picture of it. The day after, I was transferring files on my computer and I named that folder "Northern Lights 27 Feb 2014.”  It was then that I realised that the day that I saw Northern light was the same day as my planned trip to Norway.  Instead, God brought them to my door, He really does know the way to talk to each one of us."

Raivint Warinsirikul