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Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
Prayer Ministry School

Prayer Ministry School

Equipping you to bring Christ's healing to those in need

This series is taught over 5 weekends (one per month), starting in October.

The keys taught on this school have led to significant breakthrough in many lives over the years. If you have a desire to see Christians walk in healing and wholeness, then this course is for you. It is ideal for those who want to learn basic skills for helping Christians through prayer ministry. You will learn how to pray into the root causes of people's problems and not just the symptoms.

On this school, which is held at Ellel Pierrepont, you will learn the keys to healing that Ellel Ministries have learned through many years of experience in seeing God heal hurting people. The  teaching follows a logical order and during the series there will be question and answer sessions, demonstration ministry and times of group work, giving a chance to practically apply the skills learnt. This will give you the training, experience and confidence to minister in Jesus’ name by the power of the Holy Spirit to the individual or to the group.

Teaching topics over the 4 weekends will include:

* Forgiveness and Bitter Root Judgements
* Godly Sex and Sexuality
* Ministry To The Human Spirit
* Breaking Curses, Pronouncements & Vows
* Inner Healing
* Freedom From Fear
* New Age & Occult
* Healing From Accident & Trauma
* Plus many more important topics (see topics for each weekend below)

The 5th weekend is a 'Healing and Deliverance Workshop' in which you will be able to practically apply everything you have learnt under the direction of experienced prayer ministers. You will see God setting people free and bringing deep healing before your very eyes and using you as His instrument.

Personal prayer ministry is not included, except as part of group training sessions. You will come away with a fresh vision for the hurting and broken and will be much better equipped to fulfill the call of God on your life to impart the compassionate love and healing of Jesus to those in your church and community.

Prayer Ministry School 1

The first course introduces an overview of the different areas of ministry likely to be encountered. Specific areas covered will include: the plan of salvation; lordship and discipleship issues; baptism of the Holy Spirit; dynamics of ministering in pairs; qualities of a prayer minister; listening skills; forgiveness and bitter root judgements; generational iniquity and soul-ties.

Prayer Ministry School 2

This weekend looks at further keys to effective prayer ministry. Topics covered will include: understanding belief systems; breaking curses, pronouncements and vows; inner healing; the sinful, wounded and godly heart; rejection; defence mechanisms and behaviour cycles; how to make an assessment.

Prayer Ministry School 3

During this weekend there will be time for prayer and discussion in groups, and teaching into ministry keys for areas such as: freedom from fear; healing the human spirit; physical healing; deliverance ministry; godly sex and sexuality.

Prayer Ministry School 4

During this final part of the series, there will be a review of previously learnt skills and time set aside for group work and demonstration ministry. Further teaching will be given into specific areas of ministry and teaching topics will include: involvement in the occult and false religions; accidents and trauma; loss and depression.

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Advanced Prayer Ministry School

The Advanced Prayer Ministry School has been designed as a follow on for those who have completed Prayer Ministry Skills (1 - 4) or an Ellel training school.

This series aims to go more deeply into known subjects as well as looking at further areas of ministry. It will include practical time for applying the skills previously learned and the opportunity to grow in confidence in prayer ministry. Each weekend will include question and answer times, ministering in groups and demonstration ministry. There will also be a further opportunity to participate in a Healing and Deliverance Workshop at the end of this series.

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Healing & Deliverance Workshops

Designed to provide further training in the healing and deliverance ministry, the workshops enable participants to apply the basic ministry skills learnt during Prayer Ministry Skills (PMS) and the Advanced series. The emphasis during this 4 day course is on ministering in small groups, under the direction of experienced Ellel Ministries team members. There will be opportunities during these workshops both to give and receive ministry.

The completion of an Ellel training school, Prayer Ministry School Parts 1 to 4 or Advanced Prayer Ministry School Parts 1 to 4 is a prerequisite to attending the workshop.