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Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

NETS: Life Transforming Ministry Training

NETS - The Teachers

NETS is taught by a variety of teachers from different countries, backgrounds and ministries. Every NETS is slightly different because we have to work around the busy timetables of some of our guest speakers! The majority of teaching on NETS is brought by those who are involved with Ellel Ministries across the world, but we are also delighted to be constantly enriching NETS by welcoming guest speakers such as:

Alistair Petrie (Partnership Ministries), George Otis Jr. (Sentinel Group), Jim Graham (Gold Hill Baptist Church), J Lee Grady (The Mordecai Project), George Verwer (Operation Mobilisation), Jan Ransom (Flame International), Ken Symington (Christian Restoration in Ireland) and many more.

The highly experienced Ellel Ministries teaching team for this programme will include*:

  • Peter Horrobin (sample)
    The founder and international director of Ellel Ministries, Ellel Grange centre director
  • Fiona Horrobin
    Executive leadership of Ellel Ministries, Ellel Grange leadership
  • Jill Southern-Jones (sample)
    Director of Ellel Pierrepont and author 
  • Denise Cross
    Director of Ellel Glyndley Manor and author
  • Ken Symington (sample)
    Christian Restoration in Ireland
  • Jim Graham (sample)
    Pastor Emeritus of Gold Hill Baptist Church
  • Murray Dixon (sample)
    Ellel Pierrepont leadership team & author of various books.
  • Jilly Lyon-Taylor (sample)
    Ellel Pierrepont leadership team
  • Darren Gallager (sample)
    Ellel Pierrepont leadership team
  • Angela Hardy (sample)
    Ellel Ministries team
  • Roy Clayton
    Associate teacher
  • Jen Perdriau (sample)
    Ellel Pierrepont leadership team
  • David Steele (sample)
    Ellel Pierrepont leadership team

* Due to speaker's schedules and unforseen circumstances, it is not always possible to guarantee that every teacher on this list will teach on NETS.

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