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Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Image #370Weekend Event

27 Jan

Getting to the Root of the Problem

27 - 29 January 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Grange

Have you been prayed for repeatedly for the same issue and yet it never seems to shift? Perhaps the prayer has not gone to the root of the problem.

Image #175Weekend Event

27 Jan

God's Healing through Drama

27 - 29 January 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Glyndley Manor

Explore how performing arts can play a dynamic role in the healing and restoration of the God-created you.

Image #442Weekend Event

27 Jan

Healing for Parental Wounds

27 - 29 January 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Glyndley Manor

If our earthly relationships have been destructive or damaging - particularly those with our parents, we often find it difficult to trust God and believe in His faithfulness and

Image #40Weekend Event

27 Jan

Prayer Ministry School 1

27 - 29 January 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Little Darlings Creche

Get equipped to bring Christ's healing to those in need (school runs over 5 weekends). Learn how to pray into the root causes of people's problems and not just the symptoms and see significant breakthrough in the lives of those you minister to.

Image #525One Day Event

28 Jan

Freedom From Pornography

28 January 2017 (Sat) at Ellel Pierrepont

Hear inspiring testimonies and learn the biblical keys to walking in freedom from this widespread addiction. Confidential prayer available.

Image #31One Day Event

28 Jan

Free Teaching Day: Restoring the Human Spirit

28 January 2017 (Sat) at Ellel Scotland

Led by Ruth Hawkey. Looking at the Biblical basis and key principles of how our human spirit can be damaged and God’s eternal heart to see healing for those bruised and broken by life.

Image #428One Week Event

28 Jan


28 January - 5 February 2017 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Pierrepont

A school that will change the course of your life! Designed to give those who work the opportunity to have a 9 day school using only 5 working days.

Image #318Weekend Event

3 Feb

Steps to Freedom from Fear

3 - 5 February 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Grange

Fear is one of the most common and crippling experiences of life. This ministry course looks biblically at the often deep-seated root causes of our fears and how God's healing love can bring freedom, release and restoration.

Image #8Weekend Event

3 Feb

Transformed by the Renewing of the Mind

3 - 4 February 2017 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Ireland, Lisburn

Have you ever said, 'I feel so guilty about these thoughts', 'I wish I didn't react this way' or 'people think I'm all right but inside it's a different story'? Many of us struggle and live in anxiety, conflict and condemnation. Be released and healed to be the person God really created you to be.

Image #80One Day Event

4 Feb

Free Taster Day at Glyndley Manor

4 February 2017 (Sat) at Ellel Glyndley Manor

This exciting free day will give you the opportunity of tasting for yourself some of the foundational teaching of Ellel Ministries as we look at various aspects of healing and discipleship.

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Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 189