Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11



I went on a Healing Retreat last year, after not being able to get the help that I needed. At Ellel the Lord did amazing things. So many things were dealt with, and when I got home the Lord continued to reveal things I needed to deal with. I continued to pray the way I had been taught at Ellel, with amazing healings taking place of brokenness within me.

I have suffered abuse as a child by my Father and it continued with my first husband who was a psychopath who was cruel, and abused me in many ways. So for 40 years I have suffered tremendous abuse of many kinds. I am telling you this as I know that God heals when it's his time and he knows what we can cope with, then he gives us a rest before he continues the healing.

I then went on the Healing through Deliverance course, and the work continued with me being healed and delivered of so many things. I could not believe there could be more after my Healing Retreat. Then a month later I went to The Fathers Embrace, where yet again, so much more was dealt with. I realised 40 years of abuse needs a lot of healing, but each thing that the Lord has dealt with no longer bothers me and those things have gone.

I then went on a prayer appointment, where more things were dealt with and I am planning to go on a course in August to deal with more brokenness and trauma. I praise the Lord for Ellel ministries, without their ministry I wouldn't be alive today. I was so close to death and losing my mind. I have a long way to go, but I am nowhere near as bad as I was. Thank you to everyone, especially my Father in Heaven who put Ellel in place for his children to go to, to get well and to know him more.