Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11



God rescued me 6 years ago when I had considered taking my life and the lives of my children due to desperation and being married to a criminal who was incapable of providing the things a loving family needs to grow into healthy individuals of society. I took a step of faith and went it alone despite having to live on benefit and being in debt of £32,000. God has been my providing and comforting husband and a father to my children.

Whilst I am going through a time of great instability at the moment in my finances, housing and relationships, I trust that God will see me through as he has done over the past 6 years. My children are happy and are doing brilliantly at school. I have been healed of much of my childhood abuse and wounding so that it has not been passed on to my children.

I am very grateful for the grace and mercy God has bestowed upon me and I want to encourage and help those who find themselves in the pit of despair and hopelessness to FIGHT and RENEW YOUR MIND. God has great plans for you and loves you SOOOOO MUCH! Get sin out of your life and be free from captivity and SOAR!