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Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

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God freed me from my fears and established better relationhips at home, especially my relationship with my elder daughter. God bless you.


God healed the brokenness I had been carrying, broke the lies of shame, delivered me from fear and allowed me the freedom to express myself, knowing that I am safe in Him and He wont abandon me.


God has revealed many times in my life where past hurts have caused behaviours and patterns, which have been detrimental to me. He has put on my heart to draw close to Him and bring others to Him also.


God has shown me His love. That He truly cares for me and wants the very best for me. He has forgiven me for how I have been feeling towards Him and others. Forgiving the people who have hurt me is so freeing!

Tracy Fazio

This ministry and the team is a true blessing to me. They have helped the Lord to break through many of my issues from previous trauma and I can see a tremendous difference in my life.

Time Out Guests

It Takes Marriage into a Deeper Level


We prayed for healing and for the constant pain to leave. It did. It has been almost seven months since the retreat and the pain has not returned.

Jacqui Braithwaite

Though I had been a Christian for many years, there were still things that I was struggling to get free of. Old habits that I no longer wanted, but I seemed to be unable to let go of, despite wanting to

Lou Jupe

I find myself in a state of complete awe, because I know l've really just GOT IT...thinking that I can't talk about childhood trauma is a LIE! I've been making excuses for what has happened in time past


I was there for a faceoff with God...to say to Him that I have tried but You were silent. Now I will die and it will be Your fault God. You ignored my cries....but God showed up and saved my life.

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Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 158