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Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Ellel Grange
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Image #652Weekend Event

21 Sep

God's Amazing Grace : Finding freedom from false guilt

21 - 23 September 2018 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Grange

This exciting course is for all who want to be free from guilt and discover life is for living! We will explore together how Jesus can expose the false guilt and, through the vital keys He has given, set us free to enjoy the abundant life He won for us.

Image #370Weekend Event

28 Sep

Getting to the Root of the Problem

28 - 30 September 2018 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Grange

Have you been prayed for repeatedly for the same issue and yet it never seems to shift? Perhaps the prayer has not gone to the root of the problem.

Image #573Weekend Event

5 Oct

Lost & Found: Exploring the Remedy for Rejection

5 - 6 October 2018 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Grange

This course will look at how the first rejection came into the world and how in a Fallen world we can become fixed in our false beliefs about our own acceptability. If we can grasp the truth of who God is and who we really are then our lives will undoubtedly be transformed.

Image #645Weekend Event

12 Oct

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

12 - 13 October 2018 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Grange

We probably all need God's help to understand which of our emotions are truly good, are bad and how can they turn ugly. This course will consider some of our difficult emotions and how God has purposed for us to find release and His comfort, so we can move safely through the turmoil and find a new place of rest.

Image #653One Day Event

17 Oct

Pastors & Leaders Conference

17 October 2018 (Wed) at Ellel Grange

This free one-day event is designed specifically for pastors and leaders of churches in the UK. Topics will include God's heart to heal, healing and fruitfulness, healing and unity and healing and forgiveness.

Image #570Weekend Event

2 Nov

God's Enemy Exposed: Exploring Healing through Deliverance

2 - 3 November 2018 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Grange

In this course we look in detail at what the Bible explains about Satan and the demonic. It brings a fundamental understanding of spiritual warfare and of possible enemy strongholds in a personu2019s life.

Image #646Weekend Event

9 Nov

Godly Sexuality

9 - 10 November 2018 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Grange

This course will explore the biblical foundation for human sexuality as God intended it to be. It will look at the significance of the biblical covenant of marriage, how sexual expression outside of this is sinful and has consequences in our lives, how to find forgiveness and cleansing for sexual sin and how to learn how to walk in purity.

Image #649One Day Event

16 Nov


16 November 2018 (Fri) at Ellel Grange

This course aims to help those that need healing from the consequences of having their own personal boundaries crossed in emotional, spiritual or physical ways. Use this course to receive God’s gentle healing, learn how to repair the boundary lines and how to find strength to deal with ongoing difficult relationships.

Image #656Weekend Event

16 Nov

Getting Behind the Mask

16 - 18 November 2018 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Grange

Do you sometimes feel there's a gap between the person you present on the outside and the 'real you' on the inside? Many of us are trying to live the Christian life whilst struggling with hidden areas in our lives.rn

Image #6554-Day Event

20 Nov

Breaking through to Freedom

20 - 23 November 2018 (Tue - Fri) at Ellel Grange

If you have reached an impasse in your journey with Christ, need someone to help you see the wood for the trees or some prayer into something specific, then this event is for you! This incredibly special event aims to equip and encourage you to press forward to find freedom, healing and breakthrough in your life.

Ellel Grange Event Calendar

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