Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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20 October 2018

Knowing God’s Destiny for You

by Michael Tang

In Deuteronomy 31: 1-8, words of assurance and promise are stated twice. The LORD spoke to Joshua and the Israelites through Moses, before he left them. God told Moses that he wouldn’t be the one to lead the Israelites into their inheritance. That responsibility would be entrusted to Joshua, who was...

19 October 2018

The Good Shepherd

by Angela Weir

I am very blessed in that I live in a beautiful part of the UK and look out on fields often filled with sheep. As I looked out recently, I noticed a clearly defined path shaped like the letter Y, and slowly some sheep began to emerge from behind a hill and walk along the length of the path, following...

18 October 2018


by Ron Scurfield

Some time ago, I was leading a prayer meeting at home with a dozen or so people present. There came a lull in the praying and everyone went silent. This isn’t particularly unusual, but nobody spoke for ages. As the silence continued, we became more and more aware of the presence of God. I sent up a...

17 October 2018

Three Challenging Words

by Malcolm Wood

The other day, I noticed three words written on the side of a van which caught my attention and caused me to think. I found that, if we apply each of these words to our walk and relationship with Jesus, they present us with quite a challenge. The first word was ‘passionate’. One definition of passionate...

16 October 2018

The Secret Place

by Ken Rowat

The old Testament speaks about a “ City of refuge” for those who need a safe haven because of what they had done. We read in the Psalm 91 that there is an even safer place to run to when we desperately need help. It is the secret place where God is waiting for us. As we go through life, there are...

15 October 2018

Money, Sex and Power (3)

by Peter Horrobin

This is the third of a series of Seeds of the Kingdom devotionals about the three most dangerous temptations, money, sex and now power. Power and authority are not the same thing. A person in authority uses power to carry out what whatever it is he has to do. A boxer has power in his muscles but he only...

14 October 2018


by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Outside the dining room at Pierrepont there is a large oak tree, and at present the ground surrounding it is littered with thousands of acorns. Every time I pass by I marvel at the fruitfulness of this one tree and the number of acorns it has produced, and it makes me think about Jesus’s desire for...

13 October 2018

The Favour of God

by Yulia Kariuki

When something good happens to unbelievers, they call it luck, but we Christians call it a blessing and the favour of God. If we are to describe a favour of God, we can say that it is an unmerited love and unearned divine favour. We know from the story of Noah in Genesis 6, that when the Lord grieved...

12 October 2018

Where is Your Treasure?

by Patricia Lake

Many happy hours have been spent by a young child (and some adults alike) searching for hidden treasure. The thought of treasure delights the imagination, for the searcher knows that something special awaits the one who finds it. This is also true in the spiritual. From today’s scripture we learn that...

11 October 2018

God’s Compassion

by Margaret Davies

Recently, when helping out at Blairmore, during ‘Bridge from the Head to the Heart’, one of their creativity courses, we were sitting in the breakfast room, where we observed one of the guests sitting across the grass on the steps of the conference room, weeping her heart out. She wasn’t aware...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 3690