Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Image #28One Day Event

A Christian Response to Yoga

[Next scheduled 13 Apr 2019]

What is a Christ-centered approach to yoga? Join us for a challenging discussion about the spiritual roots of yoga and the implications for us today.

Image #354One Day Event

Annual Gala

[Next scheduled 22 Nov 2019]

Join us this November for our annual Ellel Ministries Canada Gala as we celebrate what the Lord has done over the year and share plans for next year.

Image #106Weekend Event

Bridge from the Head to the Heart ~ Mod C

[Dates to be confirmed]

For everyone who knows the love of God in their head but longs for it to reach the depths of their heart. It mixes inspirational teaching and creative workshops to bring healing from Jesus.

Image #271Longer Event

Discipleship School

[Dates to be confirmed]

Our eight month Discipleship School (formerly Prayer Ministry Skills) will offer teaching on key relevant subjects, question and answer sessions, demonstration ministry and opportunities to practically apply that which is learned. It is designed to disciple and equip the Body of Christ.

Image #1One Week Event

Family Week

[Dates to be confirmed]

A fun holiday week for families offering teaching in the mornings for adults, many watersports and other activities and a childcare program for 4-15 yrs.

Image #700Long Weekend Event

Father Son

[Next scheduled 29 Aug - 2 Sep 2019]

The relationship between a father and his son is loaded with potential for impact and joy. It is also highly contended for. The father and son weekend is designed to help you guys grow together and take your relationship to the next level.

Image #167Long Weekend Event

Fathers and Daughters Retreat

[Dates to be confirmed]

An enjoyable, adventurous and challenging long weekend designed to strengthen your father-daughter relationship.

Image #88Midweek Event

Healing Days

[Dates to be confirmed]

These days will bring you into a deeper relationship through inner healing with our Heavenly Father. During this time He will reveal things that have been blocking your relationships with Him and others. Key biblical principals are taught giving you tools to continue walking this out when you leave.

Image #43Weekend Event

Healing Through Creativity ~ Mod B

[Dates to be confirmed]

This wonderful course provides a safe family environment of loving fellowship. It offers you the opportunity to discover both the joy of being creative and the reality of your identity in Jesus.

Image #1Weekend Event

Healing Workshop ~ Mod A

[Dates to be confirmed]

For Modular students only

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