Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
One Week Discipleship School

One Week Discipleship School

How important is a strong spiritual core to minister to broken people?

Our One Week Discipleship School is designed to strengthen and equip you to disciple others.

Step One: Learn the foundations of spiritual health in God's Kingdom

Step Two: Apply them and receive ministry to experience Christ's restoration in you

Step Three: Put it into practice by ministering to others

The training school is held at Ellel Canada Ontario, on beautiful Wolfe Lake. 

You will come away with a fresh vision for the hurting and broken and the call of God on your life to impart the compassionate love and healing of Jesus.

Prayer Ministry Training School Part 1

The first course examines topics from foundations to forgiveness, freedom from fear to Godly sexuality and much more. We will journey through God's word to find out how His Kingdom works and sets people free. We finish the school with a workshop where you will both give and receive ministry.

Prayer Ministry Training School Part 2

Part 2 takes a look at topics like boundaries, anger, depresseion, stress and anxiety, new age & the occult, addictions and eating disorders and much more, and looks at how to minister freedom to people in bondage. We finish with a two-day workshop where you will both give and receive ministery. It's important to note that completion of Part 1 or Modular School A is a prerequisite for this course.

"The One Week Discipleship School changed me from the inside out. Through my own personal healing, teaching and opportunities to use what i was learning I realised how much more there is to the Christian walk and I am freer to walk in confidence"

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