Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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10 March - 1 December 2018
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Explore [a] - Westport

Whoever finds me finds life. Proverbs 8:35a

There is a deep cry in each of our hearts to truly connect with God, to discover His amazing love personally and to allow Him to transform our lives so that we can follow Him without restraint. If this echoes the cry of your own heart or you desire to help others to discover this for themselves, then EXPLORE is for you!

What is EXPLORE?

EXPLORE is a series of weekend courses designed to train and equip God’s people through a journey of transformation. Ellel Ministries aims to bring Word and Spirit together in the application of teaching and ministry.

Together we will find that there is hope and help for the issues we struggle with in everyday life - issues of anxiety, stress, physical pain, emotional distress, problems in relationships, addictive behaviour and depression to name just a few. We will also discover what it really means to live with God in a closer relationship, and for God as part of His Kingdom family.

Those who journey through EXPLORE will also be equipped with keys in healing and discipleship to help meet the needs of others.

Each of the events in the series will include time for worship, biblical teaching, group discussion, activities, opportunity for prayer ministry, personal reflection and fellowship.

*Explore is replacing our previous course One Year Discipleship School Part 1 (Modular A)*

EXPLORE a - 2018 Dates

The Big Picture (Jan 20)
Exploring God’s Foundations for Life

Knowing God (Feb 10)
Exploring the Character and Nature of God 

God’s Master Key (March 10)
Exploring the Power of Forgiveness

Lost And Found (April 14)
Exploring the Remedy for Rejection 

God’s Enemy Exposed (May 12)
Exploring Healing Through Deliverance

Inside Out (June 9)
Exploring Inner Damage and Healing

Knowing Me (Sept 8)
Exploring Restoration of the Human Spirit 

Connected (Oct 20)
Exploring God’s Design for Relationship 

Sheltered (Nov 10)
Exploring the Antidote to Fear and Anxiety 

Healing Workshop (Dec 1)
Exploring Ministry Practice. A practical workshop where those who attend have an opportunity to both give and receive ministry from fellow guests on EXPLORE alongside our Ministry Team.

Event Details


Registration Fee 

To register you will be charged $205 which is your registration fee and deposit for the first event. 


Those attending EXPLORE full time will receive a discounted course cost of $60/session. For those wanting to attend EXPLORE on a part-time basis, the cost is $85/weekend session. The option to become a full-time student is only available up until March. To qualify for the Healing Workshop (which is only open to full-time students) you must attend 7 of the 9-weekend courses leading up to December. Pastors (who are holding a current Pastoral position) can attend EXPLORE free of charge and their spouses receive 50% off the cost. Post-secondary students can also attend EXPLORE with a discount of 50% off.


SATURDAY: Each EXPLORE weekend will start with worship together on Saturday morning at 9am.  For new students registration opens at 8:30am. There will be a mix of worship and challenging and inspiring teaching sessions alongside times for personal reflection and group discussion time. There will also be an 'encounter' session where there will be an opportunity to respond personally to the teaching and to receive prayer ministry from our Ministry Team. The day will run from 9am to approximately 5:30pm.

Meals are provided and accommodations are NOT provided.

The wonderful thing about EXPLORE is that God doesn’t just work during the events themselves but continues His work during the time in-between. The EXPLORE notes booklets will also include a journal with activities, questions, worksheets and scriptures all designed to help you continue to grow and receive from the Lord in your own time.

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Pastor's Spouse Entire YearCA$370.00
Post-Secondary Student Entire YearCA$370.00
Price Per Person Entire Year (Including Meals)CA$745.00
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