Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Today's Devotional

Love, Obedience and Training Horses

I love horses. I have ridden all my life, and it has been one of my dreams to break in a youngster so it can be ridden, to build that bond of trust with an animal that is so close it will respond to the slightest movement of the reins, and to be the one whose instructions it follows. That is the sort of relationship Jesus wants us to have with Him. Not only does He want us to be responsive to His commands, He wants us to be eager and listening to Him. But He doesn’t want us anticipating or assuming...Read more...


Welcome to Ellel Canada West - Didsbury
Ellel Ministries work in Canada was established in 1993 with a vision to bring God's healing love to the nation and now operates from two centres in Canada.

Ellel Canada West has been based in Calgary, Alberta since year 2000. We offer opportunities for training as well as personal prayer ministry. It is thrilling to see people being healed and set free on retreats and trained and equipped in our schools to fulfill the call and purposes of God in their lives as disciples of Jesus Christ. We offer evening and weekend short courses and Healing Retreats as well as 2-week residential schools and the Prayer Ministry Skills school. Explore this site to discover the services we provide.

We now hold most of our training and healing retreats at our Prairie Winds Centre, Didsbury.